Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SKF India

2008 will once again be another landmark year for the company. Once the new plant at Uttarakhand also starts contributing to the bottomlines, the profit margins would surpass that posted in 2007 also. 2009 is also another year to look forward to as the new large bearings plant, which has higher margins, will also go on stream. By 2011, the company has stated that it hopes to double its turnover from the present levels.

Currently quoted at Rs 364.15, on the historic EPS is of around Rs 30.50, the stock is discounted below 12 times, which is lower than the industry average.

CY08 may see a topline of Rs 1,850 crore with a PAT of Rs 210 crore resulting in an EPS of close to Rs 40, discounting the present price by less than 9 times.